About our coffee – Single O



Picking the coffee was one of the first steps of our little cafe adventure as it is such an important part of our family culture. On a Sunday morning it was always our tradition to sit around as a family and eat some delicious food and the unlucky family member  would have to make everyone a cup of coffee.

We are very honoured to be able to use Single O’s products as their ethics are strongly used throughout their sourcing and making of their coffee beans. It is important to them to make sure they are sourcing everything as sustainably as possible.

Instead of trying to explain what Single O is and how they started I decided to just put in a little explanation from their website.

“Single O opened in 2003 in Surry Hills & spun a few customers out with our fruit driven blend, affection for our then-roaster named Boris & coffee beans served as single origins. Thankfully people warmed to it all & today, in addition to our Surry Hills café & brew bar, we have a small and stellar array of undertakings, namely our Botany roast works where we roast for passionate hospitality folk locally & interstate.

Finally, we have a rocking team of people with a love of their craft, a palate for quality & a penchant for fun. Our door is always open to coffee crazed passionate people, great beans & new ideas. (Even if they are inclined to spin a few people out.)”

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